Our Winning Approach to Goal Setting

Our Winning Approach to Goal Setting

If there’s one reason we’ve been able to make Precision Innovation Group an industry leader, it’s our knack for setting and achieving ambitious goals. Through our ongoing success, we’ve identified a few musts in this area. Along with getting as specific as possible and ensuring that our objectives are measurable, we put the following strategies to good use as well:

• One Goal at a Time: One thing you definitely don’t want is competition between multiple goals. To ensure that we’re putting our best efforts toward the most important targets, we select the aims that make the most sense in the moment. From there, it’s much easier to stay motivated and make faster progress.

• Set Upper Limits: This is a fun one. Rather than think about the minimum results we want to achieve in our Precision Innovation Group pursuits, we focus on the most we can do. By aiming higher with every project, we stay motivated to keep beating our personal bests.

• Measure Progress: We do this to make sure we’re always improving. It’s not so much about the results we’ve attained so far, but where we can refine our methods to better position ourselves for long-term success.

We keep these concepts in mind every time we set out to achieve something big. Follow Precision Innovation Group on LinkedIn to learn more about our winning approach.