Simpler Approaches Can Yield Major Rewards

Simpler Approaches Can Yield Major Rewards

We’re taking full advantage of National Simplify Your Life Week this August around the Precision Innovation Group office. Working smarter rather than harder has always been a way of life for us, so making sure things are as simple as they can be comes naturally. We’re excited to streamline our efforts and maximize our routines as we close out the summer.

Email is one area we’re focusing on during our simplifying efforts. We’ve found that writing down the specific requests we receive in our inboxes is a helpful technique. Doing so allows us to visualize what’s most important and which tasks can wait. Afterward, we’re better prepared to focus our energies in the appropriate directions.

Getting away from distractions is perhaps the ideal way to simplify things. That’s why many of us are having phone-free hours during our Precision Innovation Group workdays. Without email alerts and other notifications chirping away, we can better focus our efforts on the tasks at hand. We still love having our devices, but using them on our terms is a great way to slow down and get things done.

Using the early morning hours in positive ways is also helping us enjoy simpler success. We visualize winning outcomes and give ourselves enough time for good breakfasts and quick workouts as well. When we arrive at the office, we’re motivated to do our best.

These simple success strategies are really paying off for us. Learn more about our streamlined approach by following Precision Innovation Group on Instagram.